Jackie Hieber

Administrative & Prevention Coordinator

Jackie grew up in the Shenandoah Valley and graduated from the University of Kansas before joining the Collins Center in 2012. As the Prevention Coordinator, Jackie oversees the Collins Center's prevention initiatives and provides direct victim services and advocacy through the hotline and court accompaniment. She also works closely with the Executive Director in carrying out the agency's accounting and human resources activities. Outside of work, Jackie is an avid reader and an animal enthusiast, and she loves playing sports, dancing, and generally being outdoors in the sunshine.

Prevention is the hope that society can do better, that we can create sustainable change so that the generations that follow may know a little less pain, a little less suffering. It is the lofty idea that one day we will see the future on the horizon and know it to be a healthier, more beautiful place, a world that has finally managed to replace victimization with a cycle of healing and prevention. Prevention gives a voice to the survivors we bear witness to every day, and restores hope and strength where it had once been lost. I hope that they can be proud of the change that we create.

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